I’m a wife and mom, living in the cornfields of Indiana with my husband, three sweet kids, dog, and six ducks. When I’m not homeschooling, I love to write. I’m a staff writer at Gospel-Centered Discipleship and have had my pieces appear in Christianity Today, The Gospel Coalition, Core Christianity, Risen Motherhood, Mere Orthodoxy, and Revive Our Hearts. Otherwise, you can find my writing here on this blog, which I’ve been adding to for over ten years.

The fun stuff…

I believe God created each of us to be unique. We have different personalities, different affections, and different circumstances. This means that you and I inhabit, learn, and enjoy his creation in different ways. This is a wonderful gift! 

I happen to delight in my hilarious ducks that waddle around our backyard. I love to feel soft dough kneeding beneath the palm of my hand. To me, there’s something special about knowing I have everything I need in the backpack on my shoulders as I set out on a hike with my family.

God has graciously shown his faithfulness to me throughout every one of these situations. Though they may be different than your own life, I believe that God’s sanctifying work takes place through every part of our days. God uses the truth from Scripture to sink into our hearts even as we cook, run, work, change diapers, and crochet. 

My aim in this blog isn’t to share about my interests or my own days, but to testify to God’s faithfulness and holiness even in my own unique circumstances. I hope you’ll see his truths in the midst of your own, as well. Would you join me?  

Where to Start?

  • This piece tells the story of the infection I suffered after the birth of our first child, and the ways it revealed the goodness of the God who allows pain.
  • This article at Christianity Today is about why hobbies allow us to worship.
  • This series on the blog is one of my favorite things to talk about- the power of the small and the ordinary.
  • The Face in the Mirror is some thoughts on 9 years of marriage, and the work of the Spirit (another one of my favorite things to write about).

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