A Guilt-Free Summer

May 31, 2023Published0 comments

School’s out, and with the new-found freedom comes the guilt for us parents to make this summer packed full of memories. We only have so many summers left with our kids, right?

I wrote over at Core Christianity about this in hopes to encourage parents to remember God doesn’t call them to memory-packed summers. His yoke is easy, and his burden is light.

“We also need to remember that our children’s growth isn’t limited to their years in our home. Most of their spiritual and even academic growth will likely happen throughout the whole of their life, just as it has for us. Formal education may end at 18 or 22, but most of their learning will happen after they drive away.

Understanding this frees us from trying to shove every nugget of life experience into the days between May and August. It also recenters us in the truth that our children are ultimately shepherded by the Good Shepherd who cares for them. He has been leading them and will continue to care for them long after they leave our protection.”

Click here to read the entire article at Core Christianity. 

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