When Our Bible Study Feels Lifeless

Feb 21, 2018Published0 comments

I had just sat down after performing our nightly gymnastics of putting our three children to bed. Between pajamas, teeth, stories, and a sudden need to ask every question known to man, this routine always leaves my husband and I exhausted. The sounds of our two oldest talking made me anticipate several more trips back to settle critical arguments about Thomas the train or to revive them from near dehydration.

Still, I tried to be productive and open up my Bible for my daily reading.

That New Year I had committed to studying the Bible through a reading plan which chronologically progressed through the Old Testament while including New Testament passages each day.

I won’t lie, I wasn’t very eager to read that night.

I had spent the last several weeks chugging along through Leviticus, and the task was proving much harder than I imagined…

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