Five Years After “I Do”

Aug 7, 2015Marriage0 comments

My wedding day was perfect. The flowers, the cake, the dress. A beautiful day of family coming together, to celebrate. It was everything I had envisioned it would be in all our 9 months of planning.

Though, as I think back on that day and of the 1825 days that followed, the sweetest days that come to mind are a little different. The magical moments didn’t come after months of planning. They didn’t require thousands of dollars, or even need pinterest.

My sweetest moment was in a motorhome in March, where we had to duck under our hanging wet laundry because the campground’s water was turned off, and snow still covered the ground.  Dinners were cooked on an electric skillet, and our walking space was one tiny hallway for over three months.

My sweetest moment was holding my husband’s hand in bed for a few peaceful minutes after a couple weeks of our lives being turned upside down by a little baby who didn’t seem to want to eat, sleep, or stop crying.

My sweetest moment was in a hospital bed with my husband curled up beside me, watching movies and eating Red Lobster take-out for his birthday dinner, as he held my hand during my very unpleasant rounds of IV antibiotics-never leaving my side, never ceasing to try to make me laugh.

My sweetest moments were my husband- faithfully, taking care of my wound every single night despite his dislike of blood, and every single night giving me nothing but hope and reassurance, as the tears, the guilt, and the grief hit me again, and again, and again.

My sweetest moment was learning my hours of laboring would again, not be good enough, as my husband steadily reassured me of his complete admiration and support.  Then later, as I held my son in my arms, I knew he was right.

Oh my wedding day was sweet, and we’ve had many joyful days as well. Though as I look back, I see that some of the true masterpieces have been in facing the days of difficulty together. If ever I want to be reminded of my husband’s love, his commitment, or his character, these are the moments that I recall to mind.  Those are the days when the vows we made on that very first day prove so true.

It is also then that I am reminded of one of the purposes of our marriage; to understand my Savior more. It’s in these moments when I can grasp just a little more of what His unconditional love, His unending faithfulness, His perfect patience, His humble selflessness, and His complete forgiveness look like. These sweet moments are my favorite, leaving me so thankful for my loving husband, but ultimately in complete awe of the God who leads him and loves me.

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