Three Leadership Lessons for Us All

Oct 5, 2020Published0 comments

Leadership. Everybody has opinions on it. Countless books have been written full of tips, hacks, and the path to becoming a great leader. The word brings to mind visions of boardrooms, CEOs, or marketing salesmen eating up tips to win those friends and influence as many people as possible.

For the everyday person, advice on leadership may feel reserved for pastors, bosses, and elders alone. Yet the word “lead” can have a much broader definition. Surely we can lead within formal organizations and offices, but we also lead by simply guiding.

The church is full of such leaders. Parents guide their children as they train their minds and direct their hearts. Brothers in Christ take turns drawing each other toward the works of the Lord. Mentors meet each week in an effort to lead their sisters to the feet of Jesus.

We all need lessons in the spheres of leadership, but we need much more than mere tricks and hacks. Scripture passages containing directives to shepherds of the church might come to mind as resources, yet have you ever taken a look at Deuteronomy?

While many truths can be gleaned from this incredible book, Deuteronomy communicates three main lessons of leadership that are not merely for pastors, business leaders, or politicians but for all of us.


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