Why the Mommy is Crying

Mar 8, 2017Humor2 comments

Maybe you’ve seen those websites or shared images of “why my child is crying.” They usually include a sad tear-stained child with the explanation of the great “atrocity” that happened to that child to warrant such tears.

I will admit, I have had a chuckle over the catastrophes that happen to my children to bring such tears at times- though I got to thinking and started examining some of my own reactions.  So, with the help of my husband the photographer, and my silly imagination I give you this:

Why the mommy is crying…

My boots + mud

I don’t have ANYTHING to wear!!

Nooo!!! I forgot my coupon!!!!!!

I heard the sound of a bucket of toys spilling out.

I thought the dryer was empty.

I forgot to put the ice cream in the freezer

Whether we are 3 years old and crying over the shape of our peanut butter and jelly sandwich or 29 years old and crying over the fact that we have no clothes to wear-the root is the same. The selfishness in our hearts is not limited to those under 10 years old.

So maybe next time we start to laugh about the next ridiculous thing our child is crying about- let’s also pray for a tender heart, to remember the fact that those very same emotions live inside our hearts. We just seem to hide it a little better (well, some of the time).

“Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you.” Ephesians 4:32

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